That’s normal and for the price of a car, it should have such features. Wait, what if your on-the-go motorcycles could have those ports, too? That should be ultra convenient!

Something special has arrived for you. Presenting the Multifunction Motorcycle Charger 12V! This can match and even exceed the features of a car’s attached electric/charging ports, at a more affordable price. Not only that this charger has the usual USB port and cigarette butt socket but added some more value, like a digital voltmeter and hour clock, and big-time functionalities.

  • Charge mobile phones, GPS, and other gadgets on-the-go, anytime and anywhere
  • Cigarette butt lighter
  • Digital Voltmeter to ensure the battery is in good condition
  • Digital clock to track time
  • 20A Fuse to regulate electricity


Versatile and Powerful 5-in-1 Multifunction

Just as you think that it is just a charger, you have to see and experience its versatility and multifunctionality. It doesn’t just have one but two USB ports for 1.5A and 3.1A charging. It has a cigarette lighter socket that can also be used for charging or conduit for electrical connection (within the motorcycle’s battery capacity). Also functions as a voltmeter, hour clock, and regulatory fuse.

Adheres to Safety Standards

The charger is also a digital voltmeter to help monitor your motorcycle’s electrical safety. It also has a digital clock for time-keeping and 20A fuse to protect against overload, overvoltage, overheat and short circuit. It is surely made with the highest safety standard. There’s an on-off button to control its use.

Durable All-Weather Charger

You don’t have to worry that it’d short circuit due to a rain downpour or the material would melt because of extreme heat or corrode due to extreme weather conditions. This USB charger/socket is made from ABS Environmental Protection Plastic that is waterproof, fire-retardant, corrosive and maximum temperatures resistant. It is fully competent on the road!

The bottom of the cigarette socket is made from ceramic heat insulation material that it won’t get hot or would fuse fire.


Easy Install

This multifunction motorcycle charger is very light and compact that it easily attaches to the motorcycle handle or mirror handlebar without a hunch of difficulty or added weight. Just slip on the charger hole to the handle and lock it with a screw. That easy!

About the electrical connection, the charger is facilitated by a 1.45 meter long (4.75 feet) cable with built-in 20A fuse to ensure utmost safety and reliability. The wire cable is easy to attach to your motorcycle’s intended wirings because it is color coded.

With the  Multifunction Motorcycle Charger 12V  you’ve got an all-around riding companion that does charging, (possible) electrical connection, cigarette butt lighter, clock, voltmeter regulating fuse, and more beneficial features. What more can you ask for?

A simple gadget that’s packed with power and function. Grab yours now!


Note:*Installation: Rear view mirror bracket or handlebar bracket Material: High and Low Temperature **Wiring Connection: (1) The Red wire: connect the anode of the storage battery. (2) The Black wire: connect the cathode of the storage battery.


  • Dual USB Charger and Power Supply
  • Cigarette Butt Lighter
  • Dustproof and Waterproof- Protective Cap and USB cover
  • Digital LED Display - Voltmeter and Clock
  • Very easy to Install